Upgrade complete!

Upgradaroids is finished, and posted on FlashGameLicence. Not released for bidding yet, it’s currently up for peer review and first impressions, in case there’s any bugs I’ve missed.

You can view it here if you have a developer account.

Next week I’ll be starting on an inventory system for the dungeon crawler.

Wish Upon A Star

This game is now available for your own website, from the Flash Game Distribution feed. If you want a version with no ads, you can purchase a site lock for 30 GBP.

Getting started

It’s time to make a proper blog post.

The new website is up. Thanks to Dan Hastings for pointing me at wordpress, which is making my life much easier. Open Office really isn’t set up to be good at editing html. In case anyone is nostalgic, the old website is here.

Do spammers search for word press sites? It took them less than two days to find this one. Clearing away spam is not my idea of time well spent so I’ve turned off all comments for the time being.

I’m taken a break from the RPG game to write Upgradaroids, which is a simple asteroids inspired shooter with upgrades. Coding shooters is so much easier than RPG’s, it feels like a holiday. Upgradariods will be finished in a week or so, unfortunately, then it’s back to the dungeon crawler.